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Widmer Time Stamper's internal mechanism at the Clerk's office

Clerk’s office controversy follow up reporter Seth Anderson went back to the courthouse on Thursday April 1, 2010, with additional time stamp information…

Seth’s View – Huntington’s City Sign Ordinance

Seth’s View – Huntington’s City Sign Ordinance

Too often as citizens we allow this little by little take over of our daily lives…

Major Fuel Spill at Gladieux Refinery in Huntington, Indiana

Major Fuel Spill at Gladieux Refinery in Huntington, Indiana

An employee at Gladieux forgot to turn off a transfer pump at the end of his shift, resulting in a huge fuel spill.

City Announces Reductions in City Services

Received today: The City of Huntington announced today that due to the continuing weak economic environment, compounded by the loss of traditional tax revenue support from the State of Indiana due to House Bill 1001 as well as the loss of revenue at the local level due to significant increases in property tax assessment appeals, further […]

Common Council Agenda for May 12th Meeting

AGENDA – COMMON COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING MAY 12, 2009 – 7:00 P.M.   Before the Common Council meeting there will be a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. People present are welcome to take part. Those desiring not to may either remain outside the Council Chambers before the meeting or sit quietly in the meeting […]

Tea Parties Have an Impact

Citizens who came out to tea parties all across the country last week made an impression by their unity and now have their representatives as well as their nation’s attention! Way to go Huntington for being a part of history and for coming out to our city building and taking a stand for our freedoms. […]